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Outdoor living

Nature experience

Nice pool

Gite la grange voor aanzicht in coireaud 24360 Busserolles Petits-fours
Ecologisch zwembad 10 x15 meter met planten reiniging (zonder chloor) De kinderen kunnen de hele dag in het water

8 persons

4 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

Outdoor kitchen

Big terrace

Ecological swimming pool

16 ha of pasture and forest

holiday home with private pool

Terras met buitenkeuken van Gite la grange Coireaud 24360 Busserolles

Ecological swimming pool without chlorine

10 meters by 15 meters

Filled with spring water and cleaning by plants.

Pure clear water.

Outdoor kitchen with:

a dishwasher,

gas hob with 4 burners,

refrigirator with freezer,

running water,

large dining table,

view over the valley.

Ecologisch zwembad met terrassen petits-fours Busserolles Frankrijk

You rent a house that is fully equipped and you have a lot of freedom and you enjoy all privacy.

You will not be disturbed.

If you wish, you can address the landlord.

Peter Nip

6 chemin des Trembles lieu dit coireaud Coireaud

24360 Busserolles




                                   45°40'00.9"N 0°39'38.9"E

                                   45.666910, 0.660801

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